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      平  臺:普通型、加長型。






    DPH130B Aluminum-plastic Blister Packing Machine

      With small size and compact configuration,the blister packing machine is flexible with higher production efficiency。

      Designed and manufactured as the requirements of GMP:

      Covered 2 square meters, the machine can product 240 pieces plates per minute with its new-type structure to meet the demand of customers at large. Adopted totally-enclosed frame structure, the machine selects the high quality stainless steel to contact with the drugs, and it dismantles and cleans the charging tray and roll brush of the feeding mechanism conveniently and quickly。

      Replace the mould easily and quickly:

      Adjust the machine without senior technicians and special tools after changing the size of plates and replacing the mould. The adjustment can be fulfilled in a short time.。

      Select the parts of foreign famous brands as the chief parts and fittings to ensure the work stable and reliable.。

      The temperature control to PVC heat exchanger and the hot-pressing roller heat exchanger is exact and reliable without any harm to the packing material and the medicine。

      The whole machine is controlled by the computer, and its speed is regulated sleeplessly

      Horizontal sides cutting without scrap can save packing material. Adopting push-type stepping as the front stepping of blanking makes the plate flat and easy to adjust as well as reliable.

      DPH130 Froth-Cover Packaging Machine has excellent features:

      The heating plate on the preheating table of this machine is characterized by even temperature field and reliable control, the error being ±2 degrees between set temperature and actual temperature. It is applicable to extensive hot forming materials;


      especially packaging materials of a narrow range of hot forming temperature to show its uniqueness. 。

      PVC stepping mode: it features an air-powered clamping device on both before PVC heating plate and behind forming table. The adoption of double clamping stepping prevents PVC chip in the heating area from tension and deformation as a result of rapid stretching and moving, which would affect the quality of froth-cover. This machine can achieve high-efficient forming with a guaranteed quality of forth cover. 

      The lower heating plate makes intermittent motion along with the forming table moves upward and downward. When PVC clamping device moves, the lower heating plate is at bottom dead center (there is a gap between the upper and lower heating plates), minimizing PVC’s direct contact with the heating plate, thus PVC is not sticky.

      If the froth-cover is complicated in shape and forming depth, beyond the distortion range of blow forming with positive pressure, then a forming auxiliary punch can add to forming table, turning into mechanical and pneumatic forming to ensure the thickness of froth-cover is stiff and smooth.

      Infilling platform can be easily adjusted. There is no need to change the platform when the size or packaging type is to be replaced. The adjustment can be easily done in two minutes.

      The machine can be turned on and off at any required time without the trace of shutdown at PVC plate. 

      Those exterior moving and heating parts are all protected by protective hoods to ensure their safety. 

      With a plate smoothing function, make the plate smooth and beautiful and also convenient to further tidy and pack.

      Easy operation, most adjusting parts and moulds can be replaced in a short time without the use of special tools. 

      Transmission parts and all other parts are easy to operated manually and convenient to keep maintenance on a daily basis.

      Consumers may require special configuration based on their own needs when making an order.

      Filling feeder: variety includes roller brush feeder, common roller brush extended feeder, capsule adjusting feeder and high speed (slice, capsule) feeder. 

    Control part: general control, man-machine interface control

      Automatic detection: photoelectric automatic detection, photographic automatic detection. 

      Table: common type and extended type

      Conveyor: a conveyor of 1.5 meters.

      Reference Table of Plate Arrangement and Productive Efficiency


      Photos and illustrations of the sample only show DPH130 common type mask matching. Please contact the technology department of the company for special requirements or problems. 

      Technological specifications are subject to change without prior notice.